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We have more access to information than ever before. The web has more links to information than any educational institution on the planet. Most of the data is free and available to everyone with an Internet connection. With a few keywords and some clicks, anyone can educate themselves and learn mathematics, science, engineering, Computer science, art, drafting, music, writing, etc. All we have to do is decide whether or not we want to learn something which will benefit us.

Make the right choice, educate yourself. It’s all free and available on the web.

Design websites without code

Designing a website today is a lot easier than creating a website in the 1990s. Even a professional would have a difficult time trying to design a site similar to modern websites which are completely designed without code. 90% of the site was designed without HTML or CSS. A few CSS scripts were added to add color to to the translator drop-down menu, but everything else is drag-and-drop. The only thing which was created from scratch is the content. With some basic writing and graphic skills, anyone can build a modern looking site with transitions and animations.

Download the themes that make it all possible.

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